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April 2015 - Hertfordshire Police and Crime Panel

The Hertfordshire Police and Crime Panel meeting held on 26th March 2015 was split into two parts. The first part of the meeting considered the Police and Crime Commissioner’s proposed appointment of Mr Roy Wilsher as his Chief Executive Officer, which the Panel agreed to support. Please see a link to the minutes of the confirmation hearing.

The second part of the meeting considered an update report from the Commissioner, an update on the commissioning of support services for victims of crime locally and the annual report of the Panel.​ Please see a link to the minutes of the meeting.

Annual report of the Hertfordshire Police and Crime Panel

The ​2014/15 annual report​ of the Hertfordshire Police and Crime Panel has also been published.

Next meeting of the Hertfordshire Police and Crime Panel

The next meeting of the Panel will be held at 7pm on Thursday 11 June 2015 at Stevenage Borough Council’s offices (Daneshill House, Danestrete, Stevenage, SG1 1HN).

Reuniting lost and recovered property with its rightful owners

January 2015 - Reuniting lost and recovered property with its rightful owners

Hertfordshire's Police and Crime Commissioner and Hertfordshire Constabulary have launched a new online service to reunite found and recovered stolen property with its rightful owners. allows people to search for their lost or stolen items which have been handed into police stations, recovered by police or uploaded directly to the website by the finders.

Most of the recovered items featured on the website include a photo to make searching easier but you can also choose 'categories' to facilitate your search.

You can visit the site now at where you can read more about the service and search for items.

The chances are that you haven't lost anything, or suffered a theft, but you may know someone who has, so please tell them about the website and encourage them to use it.

Consumers warned about 070 missed call Scam

December 2014 - Consumers warned about 070 missed call Scam

Consumers are warned about a scam which is designed to make them think they have received a missed call from a mobile phone.

When victims call the number back, they are actually dialling a service costing up to £1.50 a minute. The scam begins when you receive a missed call from a number beginning 070 or 076.

These numbers are used because they look like '07' mobile phone numbers but can cost considerably more to call.

When you ring the number back, the call is immediately dropped or an engaged tone is played and the victim is charged. Some callers have also heard a recorded voice suggesting a bad line, encouraging the caller to ring back and be charged a second time.

If you receive a missed call from a number beginning 070 or 076 that you do not recognise, do not call it back.

Instead, make a note of the number and complain to the premium rate regulator, PhonepayPlus (Tel: 0800 500 212).

Click on the following link for full article.

Please be aware of this and inform others.

November 2014 - Policing in Hertfordshire for Everyone

A booklet showing some of the work Hertfordshire Constabulary has been doing to support local communities.

Policing in Hertfordshire for Everyone

March 2014 - Protect your money - Don't be conned out of it

Although most fraud in Hertfordshire impacts upon younger people, there are certain types of Fraud that are more commonly targeted at the over 65 age group.

This booklet contains advice for people of this age group to help you to protect yourself against Fraud.

Click here to read the booklet. pdf

February 2014 - Appeal For Assistance & Crime Prevention Advice

Lewis Griffiths, Police Community Support Officer writes:-

Over the last few days there have been several reports within the Colney Heath area of garden sheds being broken in to and items being taken.

Please assist us and your community by keeping an eye out for any suspicious people in your area. If you see an individual or a group of people that look out of place and appear to be taking an interest in properties please alert police on our non-emergency number 101. If you see anyone that is trying to gain entry please call 999 immediately.

If you have any information with regards to recent criminal activity please report this on 101, or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or visit

If you own a garden shed please ensure that it is locked and secure at all times and that there are no items laying around in your garden which could be used to break in to your shed, such as rakes or spades.

In addition, although Hertfordshire is one of the safest places in Britain to live and that rates of burglary are among the lowest in the country, please ensure that your home is secure, that all windows are closed and all doors locked when you are not in your home in order to prevent any individual seeing an opportunity to attempt a break in.

January 2014 - Motorists warned about driving licence reminders received by text or email

DVLA has been made aware that some customers have received text messages or emails regarding a licence which is due for renewal.

DVLA does not send these types of reminders by text or email, these services are in no way affiliated with DVLA and you may be charged more.

By using the online driving licence transactions on GOV.UK you can be sure that you are dealing directly with DVLA and you will not be charged any additional fees for your driving licence. Your application will be completed online without the need for a postal application in the majority of cases.

You can find the online driving licence services in the driving licences section of GOV.UK.

January 2014 - Help Criminals Lose those Extra Pounds £££ this New Year

Is there someone in your local community living above their means? Are there people in your street whose lifestyle is perhaps 'too good to be true'?

Hertfordshire Constabulary Economic Crime Unit is calling for your help so that we can identify, investigate and prosecute those making a living from crime.

Luxurious house, new sports car with private number plate, designer clothes, another expensive job, hasn’t worked in three years - Do the sums add up?

We’re constantly working to hit criminals where it really hurts – by taking away the proceeds of their crimes and making criminals pay (£££) for their actions.

Did you know that under the Proceeds of Crime Act (2002) or POCA, we are able to strip criminals of any assets such as houses, cash and cars gained through their illegal activities?

Hertfordshire Constabulary is committed to improving the lives of local residents by putting unlawfully gained assets back into society.

But we still need your help - it's not just individuals we want to hear about – there may be businesses which benefit from illegally-obtained income though crimes such as arranging fraudulent mortgages, selling stolen mobile phones or money laundering.

You go out and earn an honest living, so why shouldn’t these criminals? If you know someone who could be benefiting from crime, take action today by calling Hertfordshire Constabulary on 101.

December 2013 - Police warning after distraction burglars hit Hertfordshire

Police in Hertfordshire are urging residents to be vigilant to bogus callers after an incident in St Albans on Friday. Police suspect the two offenders responsible could commit other offences in the county.

Operation Manhunt, Hertfordshire Constabulary’s team dedicated to investigating distraction burglary, is investigating an incident which occurred in St Albans on Friday (November 29). The victim, a woman in her 70s, was approached at her door by a young looking man and woman who said they had lost their ball in her garden and asked to have a look for it.

The victim took the woman into her garden whilst the man searched the property and removed jewellery and cash.

Detectives believe this couple have committed similar offences in London, Bedfordshire and Thames Valley.

Detective Sergeant Alex Tyrrell from Operation Manhunt said: "We know this couple are offending in neighbouring counties and we’re starting to see offences in Hertfordshire."

"Whilst we have an investigation on-going, we need people to be vigilant to this crime, and to this couple."

"They look young, and tend to use the lost ball excuse to get into someone’s home but they are also known to say they need a cup of sugar or need to borrow something."

"I would urge people to identify their older family members, friends and neighbours who may be vulnerable to this crime and pass on this vital safety advice."

Not sure? Don’t open the door! - If you are not expecting anyone and you don’t recognise them, don’t let them into your home. Try to communicate with the caller without opening the door and ask them to return at a time when you have someone you trust with you.

Call 999 if you suspect a crime is in progress or you believe someone is acting suspiciously around your neighbour’s property.

Crime Prevention Poster

The following poster, It’s A Scam, has been designed by the police to make people aware of this latest scam.

Hertfordshire Constabulary have been investigating a series of scam phone calls across the county which sees offenders calling people, pretending to be a police officer and requesting bank details. Please click the graphic below for an enlarged version of the poster.

scam warning

Since August 2013 alone there has been over 90 incidents reported to police in Hertfordshire. The majority of people have refused to provide their details however some victims have lost thousands of pounds.

Please note:-

  • Your bank or police would never ask you for your PIN or bank card. Do not to part with any details.
  • Leave the landline for at least 5 minutes before attempting to make an outside call or test the line first by phoning a friend or relative.
  • Visit your local branch if you have any concerns about your account.
Neighbourhood Watch

Police investigating a series of scam phone calls across the county are releasing a series of images of people they would like to speak to in connection with the crimes.

Operation Policy is the investigation into the fraudulent phone calls which sees offenders calling people, pretending to be a police officer and requesting bank details.

Please click on the following link to see images and reports about these crimes:-

October 2013 - Advice to Prevent Theft of Catalytic Converters

Documents accompanying this message are linked below. Click to download and open a file which use the popular PDF format. If you experience problems downloading or viewing a file please visit this help page on the OWL website.

Theft of catalytic converters (183 KB) pdf

September 2013 - Bogus 'PRIZE' Phone Calls

Today I visited a lady who had received a telephone call from a male caller saying she had won a substantial amount of money in the 'World Prize Organisation' draw. The male asked the lady to wait for some visitors in the next few days who would be presenting her with a cheque.

This was obviously a bogus call from someone who wanted to gain this ladys trust, and make it easy for them to enter her property. This lady is very elderly, but very alert and gave no personal details to the callers. She spoke to her vigilant neighbours about it.

Luckily her neighbours and the NHW street co-ordinator alerted us to this incident and we were able to give her the following advice:


You can call us on 101 or 999 in an emergency.

September 2013 - Herts Police Warning to Would-be Hare Coursers

With the harvesting period beginning to draw to a close, the threat of hare coursing is looming across rural areas of Hertfordshire.

However, police officers from the Rural Operational Support Team (ROST) are keen to let any would-be hare courses know that they do not tolerate this form of activity in Hertfordshire and will deal robustly with anyone caught or suspected to be taking part.

Hare coursing – which has been illegal in the UK since 2005 – involves the pursuit of a hare with a greyhound or other form of sight hound. If the hare is caught by a dog it is usually killed. Those involved in hare coursing often travel over many counties to meet in rural areas within Hertfordshire to carry out this activity.

Illegal gambling is usually at the heart of any hare coursing event and in some parts of the country thousands of pounds have been recovered from offenders taking part. During this pursuit, damage can be caused to fences, gates and hedges by offenders trying to gain entry onto fields and then additional damage is often caused by vehicles driving on the land over any remaining crops.

Sergeant Jamie Bartlett, who leads the ROST, said: "I would like to reassure farmers and those who live and work in rural areas that we will be putting on extra patrols in areas where hare coursing is likely to take place."

He added: "I would also like to encourage anyone who suspects hare coursing to call us as soon as possible on the non-emergency number 101."

Anyone caught hare coursing could face a fine of up to £5000 and even imprisonment.

July 2013 - Open Invitation to Burglars

Leaving windows open, not double locking doors and leaving keys and valuables by the front door has given burglars an open invitation to steal from St Albans residents.

"Leaving your windows open – despite the oppressive heat – is making your home vulnerable to opportunist burglars," said St Albans District Scorpion Sergeant Sophia Pidgeon. "We had a few burglaries over the weekend where cars were stolen using keys stored in hallways, windows left open or front doors not properly double locked."

If you would like to make the Operation Scorpion team aware of when you are on holiday, they will carry out extra patrols in your area. Please send an email with your address and dates you are away to

These are some of the ways you can make your home more secure:-

  • Check that all ground floor windows and doors are closed and locked when you leave the house or go to bed. Upstairs windows should be closed and locked when the house is unoccupied.
  • PVCu doors can only be properly locked by lifting the handle and using the key.
  • Car and house keys should be kept out of sight. Don’t leave them on display on window sills, in porches, hallways or kitchens.
  • Consider leaving a neighbours’ car on your drive.
  • Do not leave curtains closed when you are away as it makes it obvious during the day that no-one is home.
  • Ask a neighbour to bring your bin in – or don’t put it out.
  • Secure your fences and side-gates.

If you see anything suspicious, always call police on 101.

June 2013 - Launch of Commissioner’s Community Fund

Following some technical issues, we have decided to repeat the circulation of this message. Our apologies if you’re receiving it for a second time:

Do you have an idea for a project or initiative that would make your community safer?

I am pleased to announce the launch of the Commissioner’s Community Fund – a new initiative that will provide support to innovative local schemes which aim to keep our community safe.

As I have said in my Police and Crime Plan, ‘Everybody’s Business’, I want to help individuals, communities and businesses to get together and generate ideas. This could range from small-scale purchases to big ideas needing match funding.

I am keen to support projects that show a strong partnership ethos. For example, where a local community proposes a project requiring manual labour to achieve their objectives, offenders on supervised Community Payback could be drafted in to carry out the work.

I have allocated £250,000 to the Commissioner’s Community Fund for 2013. Bids are welcomed from any partnerships, community groups or organisations who can contribute towards the priority areas set out in ‘Everybody’s Business’. These priorities include focusing on the needs of the public, particularly victims of crime, (Public Focus) ensuring that offenders make amends and pay back for the cost of crime (Offender Pays) and developing plans to apply greater Business Sense to police and crime fighting.

Bids should be submitted to and will be considered on a quarterly basis, with first allocations being made this summer.

For more information about both the Fund or the Plan, please follow this link:

If you need to reply by email click on my address here:

David Lloyd Police and Crime Commissioner
Police Manager
Neighbourhood Watch

April 2013 - Cold Callers

There have been reports to St Albans District Council that a male has attended houses claiming to be from the Council asking for access to the house regarding loft insulation.

If you receive such a visitor and they do not have ID or an appointment then please do not allow them access and call 101.

Issued on Monday 8th April 2013 by:-