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Two Rememberance Poems from Colney Heath JMI School

Ella Rememberance Poem

Natalie Remembrance Poem

Colney Heath JMI School Poppy Rememberance

Colney Heath JMI School Poppy Rememberance


DID YOU SIGN THE LONGABOUT PETITION? You may be interested to know that the full petition is being presented to Hertfordshire County Council at County Hall on Tuesday 5th September 2017 at 10am.

If you cannot attend or have comments including information on near misses or events that you have seen or been witness to at this junction please send comments to More details and papers can be found here:…/S…/Documents/Default.aspx

Urgent Announcement | Colney Heath Common

The Parish Council has an obligation to protect common land. This obligation also means the Parish Council must enforce rules relating to the land for which it is responsible and ensure that these rules are observed.

You may be aware, there have been two major traveller incursions on the Common this year. This is unfortunate and something the Parish Council wants to prevent in the future. To secure the Common, protect parishioners from further distress and to ensure that no vehicles pass over common land without the necessary permissions we are going to be enhancing the existing wooden bollards along the Common boundary by the addition of more sturdy brushed metal-hooped bollards, static metal bollards and removable telescopic bollards. These works will begin on Monday 7th August 2017 and it is anticipated that the works will take 5 working days.

We would ask that if you do have any vehicles parked on common land that these are removed in preparation of the works to commence. We apologise for any inconvenience that the works may cause but we hope that the works will be carried out quickly and efficiently for the benefit of all residents within Colney Heath. If you have any questions about the works please do feel free to contact the office via telephone or email, where someone will respond to your query as quickly as possible.

I would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation in securing what is a beautiful Parish asset.

Annual Return

Colney Heath Parish Council’s annual return needs to be reviewed by an external auditor appointed by Public Sector Audit Appointments Limited. Any person has the right to inspect the accounting records for the financial year to which the audit relates – these documents are to be made available on reasonable notice by application between the hours of 10am – 1pm on working days commencing from Monday 3rd July 2017 to Friday 11th August 2017.


£10,000 reward offered for information about M25 Animal Killer

Click here for further information. pdf

St Albans District & District Footpaths Society Walks Programme | August to November 2017

Click here to view programme. pdf

A New Community Project | St Albans Rocks

Click here to view poster. pdf

Larks in the Park 2017

Larks in the Park | Sunday 2nd July 2017 | 12pm to 5pm

Lark in the Park 2017 Poster pdf

Office Relocation

From 20th February 2017, the Clerk to the Council and all administration staff will be relocated to Windfall House, D1, The Courtyard, Alban Park, St Albans AL4 0LA.

The Village Office is now only open to the public by appointment until further notice. Should you wish to make an appointment at the Village Office please call 01727 825314 or email the Clerk:

Opening hours for both offices will be available shortly.

Recruitment February 2017

Colney Health Parish Council is seeking community-focussed, flexible, enthusiastic and motivated applicants to support the Clerk to the Council. Click here for further information. pdf

A414 Traffic Light Trial

There was a traffic light trial on the A414 Longabout in 2015 and this is the official report pdf from Hertfordshire County Council.

Funding Available for Community Groups and Charities | Hertfordshire County Council

Click here to view the document.pdf

Clean for the Queen 2016

Colney Heath Women's Institute have completed two litter picks in the Village recently for the Clean for the Queen campaign. Over 20 bags of litter collected!

Colney Heath Community Christmas Lunch

Colney Heath Community Christmas Lunch

Friday 11th December 2015 at St Marks Church Centre, Colney Heath at 1pm.

Click here for further information.

Toucan Crossing on Highfield Lane

Colney Heath Parish Council are pleased that Hertfordshire County Council commenced the installation of a new Toucan crossing on Highfield Lane this Monday, October 5th 2015. After many years campaigning the extra support provided by County Councillor Dreda Gordon will bring this long standing residents' issue to a successful conclusion.

Kevin Barnes, a local Parish Councillor and Trustee of Highfield Park commented "the crossing will improve safety for pedestrians increase access to the Park on both sides of Highfield Lane. I would like to thank all the local residents and Councillors, both past and present, who have campaigned consistently over many years and for Cllr Gordon's assistance in finally getting the crossing built by the County Council".

Broadband for the Village of Colney Heath - cab 14 is live!

Broadband for the Village of Colney Heath - Cabinet 14 is Live!

Exciting news – cabinet 14 has just gone live with fibre!

Click here for further information. pdf

Rights of Way

At the October 2014 Colney Heath Parish Council meeting, a presentation was made by Mr Julian Thornton (Herts County Council Rights of Way Officer) and Mr Phil Escritt (Ramblers Association).

They gave an overview of new plans from County for future maintenance of the footpaths and bridleways of Colney Heath and surrounding areas. Submitted documents are available below.

Local Access Forums have been interested in the matter and it is understood they too will be looking closely at the new plans. Other interest is from the Neighbourhood Plan where the Project Manager Jeff Lewis intends to encourage the working groups to look at this further.

Hertfordshire County Council Rights of Way Improvement Plan Part 3 Colney Heath Parish Sept 2014 pdf

Colney Heath Rights of Way Improvement Plan Map (with refs) Sept 2014 pdf

Alban Way Greenspace Action Plan 2014 to 2019 (20th Feb 2014) pdf

If you’re eligible for the flu vaccine, don’t put it off, get it now | Hertfordshire County Council Press Release | 6th Oct 2014

If you have been offered a flu jab, make sure you have it, is the message from Hertfordshire County Council’s Public Health team. For most people flu is unpleasant but usually clears up in a week or so. However for some in higher risk groups it can cause much more serious health problems. The best way to protect yourself is by getting vaccinated.

You are at more risk if you are over 65, pregnant, very young (two, three or four years old), or have an existing health condition like severe asthma, chest or heart complaints or diabetes. If you fall into one of these groups you are entitled to free flu protection from your GP. Carers are eligible too.

The free flu vaccinations are safe, quick and contrary to what many people think, they don’t give you flu. The vaccinations for two, three and four year-olds are given via a pain-free nasal spray, so there’s no need for little ones or parents/carers to worry about needles.

Teresa Heritage, Cabinet Member for Public Health and Localism, said:

“Flu isn’t just a cold, it can be a really serious illness for some people. If you’ve received a letter from your GP inviting you for a jab, I’d urge you to go and get vaccinated. It’s the best way of keeping yourself and those close to you flu safe over the winter months.”

The best time to get vaccinated is at the start of the flu season (from October to early November), so get in early. GPs will be writing to patients who are eligible for the jab to arrange an appointment. However, if you don’t hear from your GP and think you might be at risk, get in touch with them or your practice nurse or midwife. If you don’t fall into one of the at risk groups but want a flu jab, they are available at many local supermarkets and pharmacies.

For much more information about flu, go to

Acute reconfiguration of Hospital Services in North and East Herts

An update from the Head of Engagement at East & North Hertfordshire NHS Trust, David Brewer:-

As we move into the final phases of reconfiguration I just wanted to ensure you were up to date with all the changes happening at East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust.

Attached is a flyer regarding the closure of Accident and Emergency at QEII, Welwyn Garden City and the opening of the Urgent Care Centre. The Urgent Care Centre will see adults and children of all ages for the treatment of minor illnesses and injuries. If a patient presents which requires further medical care, they may be re-directed to their nearest Emergency Department.

This flyer is part of a door drop organised by the East and North Hertfordshire CCG, and will be distributed to circa 142,000 households covering Welwyn and Hatfield, Hertford, and St Albans areas, starting this week. The distribution has been based on the profile of past patient attendances at QEII. This will be supported by full page adverts in the Welwyn and Hatfield Times and the Mercury - again organised by the CCG.

Each surgery will also receive these flyers for use in the surgery, and a poster is being printed, which will be distributed by the CCG.

The Trust is now preparing to move inpatient wards up from the QEII - see below for a list of planned moves. Where possible we will keep patient moves to a minimum - aiming to discharge patients where medically appropriate or admit directly into Lister, Stevenage.

Outpatient and diagnostic services will continue to operate at QEII, and until Spring when the New QEII opens, these will be delivered from the current hospital building. In Spring services will move into the new building. Spring House will NOT now move into the new building.

I am very happy to meet to discuss these changes if it would help? In any event, we will doubtless discuss in detail during next scheduled catch-ups. We have also talked about arranging a tour of the Lister site for health scrutiny councillors to include Geoff and Michael, similar to Treatment Centre visit on 3 June.

QEII moves:

  • 19-22 September – day surgery services from the QEII moved to Lister’s new endoscopy and day surgery centre.
  • 20 to 27 September – orthopaedic inpatients on Princes Wing gradually moving to ward 5B at the Lister.
  • 25 September – QEII library service completes its move to the Lister education centre.
  • 27 September – medical patients in the QEII’s Digswell ward move to Barley ward at the Lister, unless they are planned to be discharged before 30 September.
  • 27 September – Princes Wing theatres service moves to dedicated facilities on the first floor of the Lister’s endoscopy and day surgery centre.
  • 30 September – inpatient medical services on the medical assessment unit (Knebworth ward) at the QEII will close and any remaining inpatients will move to the Lister.
  • 30 September to 3 October – the following services will move to the Lister:
      • Critical care
      • Catering
      • Mortuary
      • EBME (Electronics & Biomedical Engineering department)
      • Facilities services for inpatients (linen room, cleaning, etc.)
  • w/c 6 October – South block will close and remaining staff will be relocated to the main building. Staff based in outbuildings (with the exception of those in Queens Wing, Cansearch and the Vicki Adkins Breast Unit) will move to the main building.

Environment Agency update for Agrivert Limited’s Composting site at South Mimms

Click here to read the Environment Agency's update for the Agrivert Limited’s Composting site (July 2014). pdf

Public Notice - New Development at Roestock Lane Pumping Station - 4th August 2014

Colney Heath Parish Council in conjunction with our Neighbourhood Plan announces that a future local development has been brought to our notice, where Affinity Water Ltd have Planning Proposals to develop the Roestock Lane Water Pumping Depot with Plans to build 41 Dwellings.

The parish council have known about this idea for a couple of months from earlier correspondence from the developers. CHPC understand they have also been in discussions with the District Council.

We have now received official notification that Affinity Water Ltd are proposing to develop this site for 41 new homes via Messrs Brasier Freeth and DAC Architects a mixture of dwellings including flats 2/3 storey dwellings, and affordable homes are to be constructed subject to planning approval.

In order to gauge public opinion the developers (Brasier Freeth) have advised they are proposing to hold a Public Consultation Meeting on the site in Roestock Lane on Thursday 28th August 2014 from 7pm to 9pm. The plans will be on view and you are invited to ask questions or leave any written comments.

We are assured that car parking space is available on the site.

Parish Office.

Rail Freight Terminal Press Release

Rail Freight Terminal Press Release

Colney Heath Parish Council is very disappointed in the Secretary of State's decision to allow the appeal of Helioslough Limited to build a rail freight terminal on the Radlett Airfield site between the A414, M25 and Park Street. The decision will have an effect on the area for many years. St Albans will no longer be a cultural hub for tourism but become known as a Rail Freight Terminal.

Colney Heath, along with the whole south of the district, will be affected by a huge number of lorries travelling through the area, adding to our already congested roads, not to mention all the lorries parking up on local roads awaiting a loading slot. The development will destroy many acres of Green Belt land, close some businesses and farm shops and permanently disfigure the iconic and historic view of St Albans from the south - especially when approaching the city by rail.

St Albans District Council has six weeks to appeal this decision in the High Court and we would urge them to do so, with our full support.

The Parish Council will also be contacting Hertfordshire County Council, the landowner, asking it not to sell the land to Helioslough Limited. Although the County Council would make a great deal of money from any sale, the development of this site would have a massive detrimental effect on local residents, not to mention the environmental devastation on one of the few remaining green areas to the South of the City.

Cllr Chris Brazier, Colney Heath Parish Council

Appeal by Helioslough Ltd pdf

Right to Challenge the Decision in the High Court pdf

No incinerators in Hert!

Planning application for incinerator rejected

We've won!

The application for Planning permission for an incinerator at New Barnfield has been rejected by Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) and the Public Inquiry Inspector David Richards.

304 bus in Colney Heath

The 304 bus in Colney Heath has a new timetable which is causing passengers problems as its hasn’t been advertised.

Click here to view the new timetable.pdf

What can I recycle?

A new guide to recycling has been issued by St. Albans District Council.

Click here to view document.pdf

Herts Highways Petition Response

A letter from Hertfordshire County Council in response to a request that a pedestrian crossing be provided in Highfield Lane.

Click here to read letter.pdf

Fly Tippers Beware

Fly Tippers Beware

It is an offence to dump anything on private land including:-

  • Old Furniture
  • Garden Waste
  • Building Waste
  • Black Bags

Help us tackle this

Click here to view poster.pdf

Recycling Caddies

Recycling Caddy

As part of St Albans City and District Council’s drive to meet the recycling target of 60% by 2015 we have carried out trials for the collection of additional plastics (yoghurt pots, margarine tubs, fruit punnets) and the inclusion of cardboard with paper. We have now begun to roll this collection method out across the district.

We also want to make it as easy as possible for people to recycle their food waste rather then sending it to landfill. Tabletop-sized food caddies and a starter pack of 50 paper liners will be delivered to more than 50,000 houses around the District (excluding flats). The distribution of these will begin on Monday 22 July. There will be an information leaflet explaining how to use and present the food waste for collection with the green waste bins/bags.

The first areas to receive the caddies and liners will be those where the trials were carried out; Redbourn, How Wood, Dellfield and Harpenden West. Once these areas have been completed, the deliveries will follow the same pattern as the new service changes i.e. Collections carried out on Mondays, then Tuesdays and so on.

The caddies are designed to hold food waste, both cooked and raw, which can then be transferred to the green wheeled waste bins or bags for recycling.

Information from Jane Parker, Principal Waste Management Officer, St Albans City and District Council (18th July 2013).